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"Omg I was embarrassed by the state of my carpet even though it was only 5 years old, now though it's as good as new I'm so pleased we chose you. This was one of the best options ever. We were considering a new carpet but now it's as good as new....bargain."

Marie B Atkins

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning At Its Best

 Helping to combat bacteria & viruses

with STEAM cleaning 

In line with Government Guidance, we are using our advanced 'STEAM' cleaning equipment up to 110C to help combat Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Carpet & Rug Cleaning

(Up to 110C ‘STEAM’ helps eradicate bacteria and viruses including Covid-19)

Prices start from just £55


Known throughout the industry as the one which achieves the best overall results. Your carpets will be given a deep and thorough clean using the most powerful machinery and latest chemical technology available. We will pre-treat your carpets and rugs with a powerful citrus based pre-spray to break down and encapsulate soils.


This treatment will be worked into the fibres (technically called agitation) using a set of dual rotating mechanical roller brushes and then the soils and chemical will be removed (extracted) using a powerful industrial grade vacuum system. Part of the finishing process is to apply a bactericidal deodorising rinse which will ensure that any pet or other bacteria is removed leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean.


We are completely confident that you will be amazed at the finished result with this deep clean program. If you're still unsure, take a look at our customer reviews.


This is an alternative option dry clean system which requires no drying time.  A dry absorbent compound is worked into the carpet with a machine in order to attract and absorb soil. Mechanical agitation from a roller brush works the cleaner through the carpet which is then vacuumed. *Please note, this method does not reach as deeply into the carpet fibres as the Hot Water method mentioned above), and is more commonly used as a maintenance cleaner or for carpets prone to shrinkage, or where the carpet must remain dry.


Hundreds Of Reviews

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"Omg I was embarrassed by the state of my carpet even though it was only 5 years old, now though it's as good as new I'm so pleased we chose you. This was one of the best options ever. We were considering a new carpet but now it's as good as new....bargain."

Marie B Atkins

12 May 2021
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"Thank you, Mike and Paul, for a very friendly polite and efficient service. The carpets, rug and chair look and smell lovely."

Ros Maynard

06 May 2021
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"Thank you so much for my lovely clean carpets. I felt confident with you both from the start and just went shopping and left you to it."

Brenda Greenup

22 Apr 2021

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About Us

Carpet Care offer a fully insured, professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service to both residential and commercial sectors at an extremely competitive and affordable price.

We utilise the most advanced equipment and bio-degradable products in order to achieve the very best results.  Our customer reviews speak for themselves and prices start from just £55.

Some of our commercial customers include House Builders, Persimmon, Story Homes, Manor Homes, Buy To Let Landlord portfolios, the NHS, Large multi storey legal firms, Dental Practises, Restaurants, Large Open Plan Offices and many more.

For a FREE quote, just call us on our free-phone 0800 988 7252.

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Reinventing The Way Schools Reopen

12 Jun 2020

As part of school preparations to carry out risk assessments for Covid-19 to identify sensible measures to control the risks, Carpet Care technicians are helping some North Eastern schools prepare to reopen. Utilising the latest deep ‘Steam’ cleaning programs which include neutral pH child friendly chemicals tested to European standards EN14476, technicians have completed classroom cleaning programs for some Reception and Nursery year classes at local primary schools. Not all schools reopened on the 1st of June when they were allowed to do so and school leaders recognise that robust risk assessments need to be in place before pupils can return to school. These are difficult and challenging times for school leaders, their staff, pupils and their families.

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Helping To Combat Covid-19

01 May 2020

In order to help combat the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and for the ongoing safety of both customers and staff, technicians will observe strict social distancing measures and will wear gloves and masks throughout the cleaning process. We have also introduced a new Non-hazardous, biodegradable cleaner and sanitiser pre-spray. This neutral pH quality product from the Alltec Network is pet and family safe and has been tested to European standards EN14476 which has historically proven effective in removing enveloped viruses killing 99.99% of microbes including the coronavirus SARS-COV2 which leads to the illness COVID-19.

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Can Steam Cleaning Help Eradicate Covid-19

01 Apr 2020

After the norovirus outbreak, the UK Health Protection Agency (now Public Health England) produced a guide on cleaning cruise ships to manage the infection, including cleaning carpets and upholstery using steam. 7.9.4 of the guidance states that “Carpets should be steam cleaned (or steam vacuumed) using a steam cleaner which reaches a minimum of 70 degrees C”. Our steam cleaning and extraction equipment cleans up to 110C.

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