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"Excellent service, friendly and helpful, very pleased with my newly cleaned sofa. Will use again and recommend. Thank you"

Ruth Rye

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning At Its Best

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Helping to combat bacteria & viruses

with STEAM cleaning

In line with Government Guidance, we are using our advanced 'STEAM' cleaning equipment up to 110C to help combat Coronavirus (Covid-19)

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Our Services

Hire The Professionals
Our Cleaning Program
Pre-treatment Spray

Carpet & Rug Cleaning

(Up to 110C ‘STEAM’ helps eradicate bacteria and viruses including Covid-19)

Prices start from just £65


Known throughout the industry as the one which achieves the best overall results. Your carpets will be given a deep and thorough clean using the most powerful machinery and latest chemical technology available. We will pre-treat your carpets and rugs with a powerful citrus based pre-spray to break down and encapsulate soils.


This treatment will be worked into the fibres (technically called agitation) using a set of dual rotating mechanical roller brushes and then the soils and chemical will be removed (extracted) using a powerful industrial grade vacuum system. Part of the finishing process is to apply a bactericidal deodorising rinse which will ensure that any pet or other bacteria is removed leaving your carpets smelling fresh and clean.


We are completely confident that you will be amazed at the finished result with this deep clean program. If you're still unsure, take a look at our customer reviews.


This is an alternative option dry clean system which requires no drying time.  A dry absorbent compound is worked into the carpet with a machine in order to attract and absorb soil. Mechanical agitation from a roller brush works the cleaner through the carpet which is then vacuumed. *Please note, this method does not reach as deeply into the carpet fibres as the Hot Water method mentioned above), and is more commonly used as a maintenance cleaner or for carpets prone to shrinkage, or where the carpet must remain dry.


Hundreds Of Reviews

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"Excellent service, friendly and helpful, very pleased with my newly cleaned sofa. Will use again and recommend. Thank you"

Ruth Rye

30 July 2023
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"Excellent! Very professional in every way. The team arrived on the dot, worked hard and left the carpets/sofas spotless and smelling gorgeous. Highly recommend."

Ivona Sutila Lynagh

10 Jul 2023
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"Thanks for a wonderful process. The results turned out as predicted. Add to this, outstanding customer service. People who deliver what they say - great team! Thanks."

Anthony Spellman

05 Jul 2023