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Not so wise Owl Good as New After Owl Mess Carpet Care technicians responded quickly to clean up carpets and upholstery after an Owl took up residence inside a private residence in Stockton-On-Tees. The owners believe the Owl became trapped in the living room after an altercation with a pigeon, which resulted in both birds tumbling down the chimney. A thorough deep-clean carpet and upholstery program returned the room to a pristine condition after the Owl was successfully persuaded to fly out of an open window.
The following article has been provided courtesy of the West View Baptist Church website blog.
West View Baptist Church 1
"Following our Nativity we took the opportunity to spruce up our carpets. 9 months of Filling Station with all the spills, drops and splashes combined with the cakes, biscuits and other crumbly goodies meant our nearly new carpet had taken a bit of a battering. Big thanks to Michael Richardson and his company for all their work."

West View Baptist Church 2
West View Baptist Church 3 West View Baptist Church is a friendly and inclusive church community located in West View Hartlepool. To find out more about their work and activities please visit their website at: https://wvbc.org.uk/
Technicians Cleaning Upholstery Salvation Army Shield Eston Salvation Army Church Hall Regularly maintaining fabric covered furniture such as sofas and chairs will help to keep them fresh and odour free. Carpet Care technicians undertook a large scale cleaning program to clean over 150 fabric upholstery covered chairs at the Salvation Army Church in Eston. Our unique deep cleaning program removed any stains and helped to revive revive the fabric colours - extending the life of these valued assets.
​Carpet Care technicians recently completed a deep clean carpet cleaning program for the lucky owners of a static caravan holiday home based in the heart of the Dales. Akebar Leisure Park offers a restaurant and pub as well as a fabulous golf course and acres of countryside to explore. Owners pride themselves on keeping their holiday homes in tip top condition and technicians welcomed the opportunity to give a helping hand.
Board Room Keeping carpets clean & hygienic helps to preserve a carpets lifespan and appearance. Regular cleaning is also vital, if a company wishes to present a professional corporate image, to both employees and customers. Click on the link below to see examples of our commercial cleaning operations: Commercial Operations Gallery
Middlesbrough Golf Club High customer traffic will take it's toll on even the most robust and hard wearing commercial grade carpets. As one of the premier Golf Clubs in the North East, Middlesbrough Golf Club receives it's fair share of customer traffic and the management team are keen to keep the club in Tip Top condition.
The 'ProShop' and Members Bar received a premier grade 'Deep Clean Hot Water Extraction' program so members can continue to enjoy a rewarding and enjoyable experience when visiting this panoramic and renowned golf course. "Excellent results, The carpets look as good as new ". Carpet Care technicians would like to thank Niall Bradley (Club Management Team) for his most welcome and positive feedback.
In our opinion, the Enforcer is one of the best performing portable Hot Water Extraction machines currently available.    As founder of Ashby's Cleaning Machines, Derek Ashby confirmed that the Enforcer was one of their best selling machines and they had always strived to build  high quality carpet and upholstery cleaning machines since their establishment in 1979.     

Carpet Care will continue to invest in the latest high quality, hi-tech machinery in order to provide the very best level of service to customers. 
Carpet Care's spring cleaning programs got off to a great start with recognition from one of the UK's most comprehensive local business review sites at www.freeindex.co.uk .
With well over 1 million members, FreeIndex is one of the most detailed sources of business information in the UK and with all content being posted by British businesses and consumers, 5 star reviews are great news for Carpet Care and it's customers.
Cleaner ​From the 1st September 2014, a new EU energy label comes into force which effectively bans the importing of any vacuum cleaner into the UK with a motor exceeding 1,600 watts.  The 'Which' consumer group warns that many of the models that appear in it's 'Best Buy' tables have motor sizes in excess of the new limit.  The current average wattage of a vacuum cleaner is around 1,800 watts which will be limited to only 900 watts by 2017.  
The move has angered manufacturers and consumer groups argue that the move is self-defeating, claiming that householders will  simply use the less powerful models for longer to achieve the same degree of cleaning.  European commission spokeswoman for energy Marlene Holzner said in a blog: "As a result of the new EU eco-design and labelling regulations, consumers will also get better vacuum cleaners. In the past, there was no legislation on vacuum cleaners and companies could sell poorly performing vacuum cleaners."  (Watch This Space)
Middlesbrough Citizens Advice Bureau High customer traffic will take it's toll on even the most robust and hard wearing commercial grade carpets.  With over 12,000 service users and 30,000 enquiries each year, the Middlesbrough Citizens Advice Bureau's carpets were in need of some special attention.  Carpet Care technicians are proud to announce a 100% success having removed ALL marks and stains following a 'Deep Clean' Hot Water Extraction program.     Citizens Advice Bureaux offer free, confidential, impartial and independent advice from over 3,500 locations throughout the UK, and Carpet Care looks forward to delivering an on-going service and working with a management team committed to keeping the bureau well maintained.