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Annual Snooker Room Cleaned On Queue. It was no suprise that the topic of conversation revolved around Neil Robertson's return to the top of the world rankings, as Carpet Care technicians put the finishing touches on carpets at this customer's  well appointed snooker room.   A regular annual carpet maintenance program ensures that any stains or odours are removed.  Colours are also revived, as is evident in this time stamped photo after  Hot Water Extraction (HWE).
Regular cleaning of carpets is now widely practiced in homes and commercial premises to prolong carpet life-span and to ensure that living and working areas are kept clean and hygienic.   The same should therefore be true when talking about fabric covered upholstery.  When you consider the amount of time spent just sitting in that favourite armchair, or with our feet up nodding off on that comfy sofa, our upholstery needs just as much care and attention as our carpets.    Carpet Care specialise in cleaning fabric covered furniture, and if you are trying to save some money this easter, why not have your 3 piece suite cleaned,  instead of replaced.
Spring Cleaned, Ready For Easter. Getting ready for Easter with a good spring clean, the McNamara family showed their approval after technicians completed a hot water deep extraction spring carpet cleaning program.
Michelle and daughter Kaitlin took time out to pose for a quick photo, adding ... 'What a good job, ...the carpets smell lovely'.

Buccaneer Pub Carpets & Upholstery Clean & Revived The Buccaneer Pub Technicians recently worked late into the night cleaning upholstery and carpets at the Buccaneer pub North Ormesby, in order to meet the 4pm Friday 20th September re-opening deadline.   Carpets and upholstery needed some serious deep cleaning renovation work and thanks to a combination of sheer determination and Carpet Care's chemistry of cleaning techniques, the results were amazing!   Pub landlords John and Jackie were delighted and have now re-opened for business.   Locals were also impressed by the revived look and the new and vibrant feel of the Bar, Lounge,  and  Function rooms, as well as the excellent beer now being served.       


Low Profile Helps Clean Underneath Furniture. With a bewildering choice and different types of vacuum cleaner to choose from, finding the very best commercial grade vacuum cleaner can be a tricky business.    In opting for the Italian made 'Lindhaus Dynamic 380e' Upright, Carpet Care has however, picked another winner.  The endorsement from 2013 WOBO (Word Of Mouth Online) Service Award Winners www.vacuumcleanersplus.com has helped to confirm the pedigree of this excellent machine.  This Australian based, family run business is a vacuum cleaner specialist and with over 15 years of product knowledge within the vacuum cleaner industry they have now formed an opinion on the vacuum cleaner currently used in Buckingham Palace; "LINDHAUS DYNAMIC 380  COMMERCIAL UPRIGHT VACUUM CLEANER MADE IN EUROPE.  In our opinion, the best upright vacuum cleaner for home as well as commercial use".  We have always believed that in order to get the best results, our technicians need the best equipment, and this award winners endorsement provides further confirmation that customers carpets will be vacuumed by the very best machine available. 


Carpet Care Online Shop Leather Master Textile Master Worlds Best Selling Red Wine Remover
  From 1st July 2013 customers will be able to purchase a variety of products via Carpet Care's new ONLINE SHOP.  It makes perfect sense for us to offer top quality products,  so customers can have effective stain removers ready to hand for dealing with those annoying spills in-between professional cleaning periods.  We offer a range of products, from the Worlds Best Selling Red Wine Remover 'WineAway' , to spot and stain removers for carpets and rugs,  and complete kits to care for Carpets, Upholstery, Leather and Mattresses.   The Leather & Textile Master range have been developed by Dr Tork and are made by Uniters S.p.A of Italy.  The kits are of the highest quality and have been tailored to meet the precise needs of the consumer.     


FREE Professional Grade 'Spot & Stain Remover' Carpet Care is pleased to announce it's summer promotional FREE offer.  On completion of cleaning, each customer will receive a FREE Professional Grade, carpet and upholstery 'Spot & Stain Remover'.   This odourless solution works by utilising 'Microsplitting' technology, which breaks down soil particles and is extremely effective against a very wide range of soils/stains. 
Based on Microsplitting technology, this 'Micro Spotter' can produce truly astounding results. 
*      No dwell time required - (just spray, blot and repeat until stain is removed) 
*      No detergents - so no sticky residue - non-foaming. 
*      Completely non-toxic - Safe for you and your family.
*      Non irritating - even if not rinsed is safe for babies and pets.
*      Odourless - absolutely no fumes - safe for asthmatics.
*      No bleaching agents - no light patches left after treatment.   


SEBO Duo Dry Carpet Cleaning In Action SEBO has always been at the forefront of vacuum cleaner design and technology, producing the first upright carpet cleaner with an on-board hose in 1978.  Made in Germany, SEBO machines are extremely reliable and regularly come top in independent tests.                                                   Carpet care have invested in the Sebo Duo to aid in carpet agitation - a vital step in the carpet cleaning process.  The Duo is also a very effective  'Dry Cleaning System' and its on-board contra-rotating brushes open up the carpet pile to allow an environmentally friendly detergent  cleaning compound to be worked into the fibres.   After vacuuming, the carpet is clean and dry and ready for use.


ServiceMagic.co.uk is part of the world's largest network of local internet sites* that connect home-owners with approved professionals.    Established in 1999, over 10 million home-owners have trusted the service to find and hire local quality professionals for their home improvement repairs, cleaning and maintenance needs.  

Carpet Care together with over 90,000 other professionals, utilise  the site on a daily basis as a high quality and cost effective way of developing  their businesses.  


Carpet Care has now teamed up with a leading Merchant Payment Provider to offer customers the choice of paying via either Debit or Credit card.   All major cards are accepted (Visa, Maestro and Mastercard) and payment is made securely via the customers mobile phone. 

This method of payment is extremely secure and is PCI Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) Level 1 compliant and can be used on all mobile phones. This is the most stringent level of security certification available for card payment companies and puts our merchant partners on par with the largest banks and card processors in the world.  Developed from PaymentSense, the UK’s largest merchant service provider in early 2012, our partners have processes over £1.5 billion in transactions.

Our card payment facility uses state of the art fraud prevention technology that makes paying with this method more secure than traditional chip & pin solutions.