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Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

Technicians Cleaning Upholstery Salvation Army Shield Eston Salvation Army Church Hall Regularly maintaining fabric covered furniture such as sofas and chairs will help to keep them fresh and odour free. Carpet Care technicians undertook a large scale cleaning program to clean over 150 fabric upholstery covered chairs at the Salvation Army Church in Eston. Our unique deep cleaning program removed any stains and helped to revive revive the fabric colours - extending the life of these valued assets.
​Carpet Care technicians recently completed a deep clean carpet cleaning program for the lucky owners of a static caravan holiday home based in the heart of the Dales. Akebar Leisure Park offers a restaurant and pub as well as a fabulous golf course and acres of countryside to explore. Owners pride themselves on keeping their holiday homes in tip top condition and technicians welcomed the opportunity to give a helping hand.
Board Room Keeping carpets clean & hygienic helps to preserve a carpets lifespan and appearance. Regular cleaning is also vital, if a company wishes to present a professional corporate image, to both employees and customers. Click on the link below to see examples of our commercial cleaning operations: Commercial Operations Gallery