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Cleaner ​From the 1st September 2014, a new EU energy label comes into force which effectively bans the importing of any vacuum cleaner into the UK with a motor exceeding 1,600 watts.  The 'Which' consumer group warns that many of the models that appear in it's 'Best Buy' tables have motor sizes in excess of the new limit.  The current average wattage of a vacuum cleaner is around 1,800 watts which will be limited to only 900 watts by 2017.  
The move has angered manufacturers and consumer groups argue that the move is self-defeating, claiming that householders will  simply use the less powerful models for longer to achieve the same degree of cleaning.  European commission spokeswoman for energy Marlene Holzner said in a blog: "As a result of the new EU eco-design and labelling regulations, consumers will also get better vacuum cleaners. In the past, there was no legislation on vacuum cleaners and companies could sell poorly performing vacuum cleaners."  (Watch This Space)
Middlesbrough Citizens Advice Bureau High customer traffic will take it's toll on even the most robust and hard wearing commercial grade carpets.  With over 12,000 service users and 30,000 enquiries each year, the Middlesbrough Citizens Advice Bureau's carpets were in need of some special attention.  Carpet Care technicians are proud to announce a 100% success having removed ALL marks and stains following a 'Deep Clean' Hot Water Extraction program.     Citizens Advice Bureaux offer free, confidential, impartial and independent advice from over 3,500 locations throughout the UK, and Carpet Care looks forward to delivering an on-going service and working with a management team committed to keeping the bureau well maintained. 
Annual Snooker Room Cleaned On Queue. It was no suprise that the topic of conversation revolved around Neil Robertson's return to the top of the world rankings, as Carpet Care technicians put the finishing touches on carpets at this customer's  well appointed snooker room.   A regular annual carpet maintenance program ensures that any stains or odours are removed.  Colours are also revived, as is evident in this time stamped photo after  Hot Water Extraction (HWE).
Regular cleaning of carpets is now widely practiced in homes and commercial premises to prolong carpet life-span and to ensure that living and working areas are kept clean and hygienic.   The same should therefore be true when talking about fabric covered upholstery.  When you consider the amount of time spent just sitting in that favourite armchair, or with our feet up nodding off on that comfy sofa, our upholstery needs just as much care and attention as our carpets.    Carpet Care specialise in cleaning fabric covered furniture, and if you are trying to save some money this easter, why not have your 3 piece suite cleaned,  instead of replaced.
Spring Cleaned, Ready For Easter. Getting ready for Easter with a good spring clean, the McNamara family showed their approval after technicians completed a hot water deep extraction spring carpet cleaning program.
Michelle and daughter Kaitlin took time out to pose for a quick photo, adding ... 'What a good job, ...the carpets smell lovely'.