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Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners


FREE Professional Grade 'Spot & Stain Remover' Carpet Care is pleased to announce it's summer promotional FREE offer.  On completion of cleaning, each customer will receive a FREE Professional Grade, carpet and upholstery 'Spot & Stain Remover'.   This odourless solution works by utilising 'Microsplitting' technology, which breaks down soil particles and is extremely effective against a very wide range of soils/stains. 
Based on Microsplitting technology, this 'Micro Spotter' can produce truly astounding results. 
*      No dwell time required - (just spray, blot and repeat until stain is removed) 
*      No detergents - so no sticky residue - non-foaming. 
*      Completely non-toxic - Safe for you and your family.
*      Non irritating - even if not rinsed is safe for babies and pets.
*      Odourless - absolutely no fumes - safe for asthmatics.
*      No bleaching agents - no light patches left after treatment.   


SEBO Duo Dry Carpet Cleaning In Action SEBO has always been at the forefront of vacuum cleaner design and technology, producing the first upright carpet cleaner with an on-board hose in 1978.  Made in Germany, SEBO machines are extremely reliable and regularly come top in independent tests.                                                   Carpet care have invested in the Sebo Duo to aid in carpet agitation - a vital step in the carpet cleaning process.  The Duo is also a very effective  'Dry Cleaning System' and its on-board contra-rotating brushes open up the carpet pile to allow an environmentally friendly detergent  cleaning compound to be worked into the fibres.   After vacuuming, the carpet is clean and dry and ready for use.