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Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners


With over 500 branches nationwide, The Money Shop prides itself on providing an excellent customer service as well as a pleasant environment for all customers visiting branches. Middlesbrough branch manager Gerrard was impressed with the end result of a hot water deep clean extraction carried out on the carpet tiled lobby, adding 'It turned out a lot better than we expected, and Carpet Care got rid of stains and marks that we thought would never come out that have been down for years'. Hot water or steam extraction is generally accepted as the best method of deep cleaning in the industry and our trained technicians will ensure that stains and odours are removed efficiently using the latest environmentally friendly, high performance cleaning products. 


A professional Dry cleaning program offers an excellent alternative to hot water extraction and is an good way to maintain a carpets appearance in-between those all important annual 'deep' clean hot water extraction programs.  Some carpet types do not always react well to hot water extraction and a dry clean program can also offer a more prudent alternative for carpet types which historically can be prone to shrinkage or other water related problems.  A pre-spray and dry absorbent granule compound are worked into the carpet in order to attract and absorb soils.  Mechanical agitation with a mechanical roller brush works the cleaner through the carpet which is then vacuumed.  The above recent photos demonstrate the agitation process and the final result.