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Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

Our Cleaning Program

Upholstery Fabric Cleaning
  • STEP 1. Commercial Grade vacuum & Spot Clean - We vacuum your carpet and spot clean any areas that need special attention.
  • STEP 2. Pre-Spray & Pile Agitation - The carpet will be given a pre-treatment spray to help the cleaning process and a roller brush machine provides mechanical agitation to help work detergent free, natural bio-degradable chemicals into the carpet pile.
  • STEP 3. (Option 1) Deep Clean Hot Water Extraction (HWE requires 2-4 hr drying time) - The carpets will be cleaned using a hot (or warm) water extraction method which is generally accepted as the best method of deep cleaning in the industry. The carpet is rinsed clean using a unique blend of strong colour fastening and alkali neutralising salts with bactericidal and fungicidal additives. The rinse contains a natural fragrance, peach and jasmine deodoriser, which will also help restore the natural pH balance within the carpet fibres. A thorough rinse and extraction helps to neutralise any remaining bacteria and odours caused by day to day spillages and food spoilage.
  • STEP 3. (Option 2) Dry Cleaning System (requires no drying time) - A dry absorbent compound is worked into the carpet with a machine in order to attract and absorb soil. Mechanical agitation from a roller brush works the cleaner through the carpet which is then vacuumed. *Please note, this method does not reach as deeply into the carpet fibres as the wet method (Option 1 above), and is more commonly used as a maintenance cleaner or where the carpet must remain as dry as possible (the light pre-spray at Step 2 above and moisture within the absorbent compound cannot keep the carpet 100% dry, however, any noticeable moisture usually dries out within a matter of minutes).

Our Products

All of our products are phospate free, bio-degradable and feature natural fragrances. We will pre-treat heavily soiled areas to help prevent any sticky residues that may attract soil after cleaning is complete and use neutral pH spot cleaners for removing the toughest stains. We can provide either a Deep Down hot water extraction clean (HWE dry within 2-4 hrs) OR a maintenance Dry Clean (no waiting time) or a combination of both to suit your own particular requirements.

Our 'Home' Service

Technician At Work We can schedule your cleaning at a time that suits you. An early start before you leave for work or an evening start on your return. Alternatively, we can collect the keys from you whilst you are at work, or even from your estate agents or neighbours. We are fully 'Keyholder' and ‘Treatment Risk’ insured via AXA Insurance and cover all regions of North Yorkshire and the North East.

Our 'Business/Commercial' Service

We know that maintaining a healthy environment for both employees and customers is important to a business. Carpet Care’s fully trained technicians will ensure that stains and odours are removed efficiently using the latest natural fragrance, environmentally friendly, high performance cleaning products. We can schedule your cleaning at any time that suits your business. This often requires an 'out of hours' evening/weekend service and avoids distracting or interrupting employees. We are fully ‘Treatment Risk’ and 'Public Liability' insured via AXA Insurance and cover all areas from Yorkshire to the Scottish Borders.

Our Technicians

All of our technicians are trained to identify the different carpet fibre types (natural and synthetic). They will carry out a pH survey, examine carpet fibres and may conduct further tests to ensure the best results are achieved. Where possible, they will move light furniture to one side of the room while they clean the other, and vice-versa. All Technicians are covered by 'Keyholder' insurance, hold a CRB certificate and can work un-supervised. We always offer free surveys/estimates and advice and all of our work is completed to the highest standard.

What do I do next?

Call us FREE on 0800 988 7252 or use our contact form ('Contact Us' tab above) to provide us with a description of what you want done, and we will get back to you immediately with a detailed, no obligation quote or confirm a date to carry out a carpet cleaning survey.